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2003 - 2004


European Convention of Young Citizens

Berlin, 6th-10th of April 2004

Since the European Youth Convention 2002 in Brussels there has been a wave of projects and events to give a voice to the European Youth in the public debate on the Constitutional Convention. The European Convention of Young Citizens is part of the larger Community policy objective to promote political participation of the European Youth.

Berlin was the venue for more than 100 people between 18 and 25 to discuss the future of the Community. In the following five different working groups they were exploring the metaphor of the European House -foundations, community, neighbourhood, surroundings and house order.

The aim was to discuss and agree on an official paper, which was presented at the end of the convention to official delegates of the European Convention in Brussels. The leaders of the discussions were young people trained according to the concept of peer group education. The methods are designed by young people for young people and establish a relevant contact between team leaders and participants.

The approach was developed by the Research Group Youth and Europe at the Center for Applied Policy Research in Munich. Alongside with the official programme the event took place in the settings of governmental institutions and was an opportunity for young Europeans to meet and share their views on how to live in a common European house. The working language was German.

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